Quote about Difficulties by G. Michael Hopf

Meet Peter Burns

About Peter: I grew up in Southern Illinois, just outside the city of St. Louis, so Cardinal baseball and amazing barbecue are two of my great passions. I moved to DC in 2017 to work as the Government Relations and Policy Director for a non-profit lobby group that represents persecuted Middle East Christians, called In … Continued

Meet Dan Karns

We had the opportunity to catch up with one of DCA’s 2019-2020 alumni, DK. He shared profound thoughts on overcoming difficulty through prayer, his love of long-distance running, and what the Dream is. We hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as we did! 1. Who is DK? I was born and raised in a … Continued

Meet Julie Larkin

How did you get to where you are now? Whew! Girl Talk has been such a winding journey. It started in response to a need for college women to feel supported in their struggles, rather than isolated. Then we started speaking about dignity and self-worth to high school and middle school girls, and now we’re … Continued