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The Accelerator:

The Accelerator is a one-year professional training and mentoring program for young men with less than 4 years of professional experience. Accelerator Associates will gain perspective from monthly interactions with corporate leaders and industry experts, acquire technical skills relevant to any profession, and receive weekly personal and professional mentoring. The curriculum serves as a catalyst to help Associates reach personal and professional excellence more rapidly. Upon completion of the program, candidates will be welcomed into a community of alumni aspiring to continued growth and leadership.

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Program Overview

Professional Know-How

Industry experts and thought leaders pass on experience in both the personal and professional realms, covering the 10 core topics in the Accelerator curriculum. Each monthly seminar also includes concrete skills that can be incorporated into your daily work.

Optimal Work Habits

The way we work is the way we live. Through a partnership with Harvard-based, we offer a framework and a weekly inventory to help you achieve and sustain high intensity work, turn stressful deadlines into rewarding growth opportunities, attain your highest level of focus at will, and connect your highest ideals with specific action items.

Vocational Perspective

Everyone has a “why.” We have partnered with Inscape, LLC, to offer the MCORE narrative tool to help you understand your unique motivational blueprint. The online assessment is backed by 50 years of scientific research and field experience.


Leveraging Optimal Work and MCORE, each program participant receives personal mentoring via weekly assessments and biweekly coaching calls. Our coaches will help you synthesize the content of the seminars and the MCORE assessment, and develop proficiency with habits of Optimal Work. Associates will also benefit from occasional industry-specific coaching sessions from generous and experienced senior executives.

Why DC Accelerator?

The first few years of your career set the stage for the rest of your professional and personal life. Critical habits and perspectives from the beginning enable you to achieve more in life, and achieve it more effectively, leading to more passion, purpose, and sense of fulfillment.

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