"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."

- Goethe

Who Should Apply:

Applicants should be young professionals and graduate students, men and women who want to place their talents at the service of others and to become the best professionals they can be.

The Fall application deadline is July 15. 

You will need to complete our online application. The application includes:

1) Your updated resume
2) A short bio of yourself (150 words or less)
3) Why you would like to attend the DC Accelerator (100 words or less)

Apply Here

8 Bi-Weekly Pod Meetings:

Pods are small groups of 5 to 8 participants that meet in person, every 2 weeks for 2 hours.  Each Pod is led by a Facilitator, who guides them through the DCA curriculum, watching the videos and completing and discussing the exercises.

The entire program covers 16 weeks.  In the Fall of 2022 it runs from August 30 to December 6.

Meetings with be scheduled at a convenient time and place (house, school, work, co-working space, etc).  Most Pods will try to meet together on Tuesdays from 7 to 9pm ET.

Looking to create your own pod? Contact

There will also be larger social events during and after your participation in the program, to deepen the sense of friendship and community among all Associates. These get togethers are an excellent time to meet other Associates, Coaches and Facilitators.


The normal fee of $1,000 has been reduced to ease economic distress. The cost for the Fall Program is only $400 (4 monthly payments of $100.) The fee includes the MCODE assessment, valued at $50.

Apply Here

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