“I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.”

- George Washington

The Accelerator is intended to give you the vision and practical experience in areas that are key for long-term growth.

The nine monthly sessions will help you:

  • Imitate the habits of the best professionals from the beginning of your career, rather than learning good habits slowly through trial and error.
  • Develop a broader view: rather than preparing for only one profession, becoming a person who can lead others, think strategically, meet deadlines, manage capital, develop relationships, and abide by ethical principles.
  • Grow in the awareness that you are a person who also works, rather than a worker who happens to have a personal life. The program will show that developing yourself as a person, in ways unrelated to your profession, will make you a better professional. Thinking deeply about the direction of your life, improving your cultural knowledge, serving the homeless on weekends, remaining a committed family man and friend, will also make you a better lawyer, doctor, businessman, teacher, or entrepreneur.

Topics and Speakers

Orientation: Introduction to Optimal Work & Motivational Blueprint

The Way You Work Is the Way You Live
Discover Your Unique Calling

Session 1: Live with Passion and Purpose

Find Your Why and Make It Happen

Session 2: CEO Mindset

Think Like A Shareholder, Not an Employee

Session 3: Personal Brand & First Impressions

Make Appearance Match Reality

Session 4: Project Management

Keep Your Commitments

Session 5: Finance

Your Dreams Need Funding

Session 6: Relationship Management

Think Friendship, Serve Others, Enjoy Working with the Best

Session 7: Leadership

Managing Up, Down, Across, and Outside an Organization

Session 8: Ethical Commitment

Do the Right Thing. Always.

Session 9: Entrepreneurship

Have Ideas, Share Them, Make Them Happen

The skills you will practice include the following:

  • Define and Live A Mission Statement
  • Develop and Build a Personal Business Plan
  • Personal Presentation and Public Speaking
  • Project Management: Waterfall Development vs. AGILE Framework
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Data Management
  • Networking: How to Connect, Build, and Maintain relationships
  • Time Management
  • Professional Best Practices: Deep Work, Time Blocking, Email Etiquette
  • Sales and Marketing: Solving Problems & Consultative Sales