About Us

"No education which one can get from books and costly apparatus that is equal to that which can be gotten from contact with great men and women."

- Booker T. Washington

About DC Accelerator



In the present climate, young professionals struggle to build a roadmap to discover fulfilling careers and accomplish their long-term goals. With a proven process, DC Accelerator provides strategies and tools and facilitates mentorship to help them build their careers and make lasting, lifelong impact. 


Our Story

DCA was born from a simple question posed by a mentor in a casual conversation of professionals: “How much more impact and sense of purpose would your lives have if you had known in your first job what your know now?” That question set the group of professionals on a journey to build and curate a program that passed their 10, 20, and 30 years of experience to young professionals so that they could discover the answer. After speaking with other industry leaders, the need for the program became clear and the curriculum was built almost immediately. Within months, they had a list of training sessions, committed coaches, a partnership with Optimal Work LLC, and the time-tested MCORE assessment. The first 10-month program was launched at a university in Washington DC in 2017. Now in it’s fourth year of inception, DCA has been iterated to better fit the needs of the ever-growing young professional audience. With fully remote programming and tailored group coaching, DCA has quickly grown into a nation-wide brand.


What We Do

DC Accelerator is a remote, 10-month program that equips young professionals with the tools, skills, and coaching they need to achieve their highest potential throughout their lives. Monthly sessions are led by elite industry professionals who cultivate impact in their own lives through virtue and servant leadership. Program topics include an understanding core motivations, codifying a values statement, growing individual networks, creating clear financial goals, and entrepreneurship. Every focus area has coaching guidelines and Associate deliverables that reinforce the learning. Pod coaching is also an essential part of the program. Small groups of Associates meet every other week with their coach to discuss the monthly topics and define the impact they intend to have in their professions.

Sample Curriculum Schedule:

Orientation & Team Building

Work as a Force for Good

Personal Discovery

Find Your Why

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Networking is Relationship Building

Your Dreams Need Funding

Professional Compass

GPS Executive Feedback


Who We Are

Each DCA cohort is comprised of ambitious young professionals dedicated to discovering their purpose and intentionally living it out. They have a sense of who they are and that they were made for more than a “one-size-fits-all” career path. To them, success is having a positive and enriching impact in other people’s lives; career ambitions and financial gain are a means to that end, not the end themselves. In a busy and noise-centric world, Associates create lives of focus. They are fiercely dedicated to their vision and underlying why, while also building up dynamic relationships, their spiritual life, and increasing their understanding of the power of personal finance and wealth. At the end of their DCA journey, Associates have a renewed sense of self, an understanding of their life’s work, and a blueprint on how to create a meaningful life in pursuit of their mission.